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Alice In Wonderland Trailer

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No Hassle Cooking

Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of cooking.  I love watching all the fun cooking shows and competitions but cooking really isn’t my thing.  In fact, my culinary point of view is ‘We must eat; therefore, we must cook’.  See?  Nothing fancy.  But this I’m not too sure about…If there is one thing I have learned about cooking, it’s that the most important ingredient one could use to cook is love.  And we all know robots can’t love….or can they?

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Out of This World Real Estate

The American dream of owning land and a house with a white picket fence has taken on a whole new frontier…space.  Why deal with the hassle of escrow, closing costs and realtors when you can purchase an acre of land for $22.49?* What’s the catch?  Well, the property is out of this world…literally.  It’s on the moon.  Who can even sell moon property?  That’s what I wanted to know. The Lunar Embassy, of course!  According to The Lunar Embassy, it was founded in 1980 by Dennis M. Hope and filed a declaration of ownership with the US, UN and Russian governments.  In 2004 Dennis Hope “started his own government in 2004, which has a ratified constitution, a congress, a unit of currency—even a patent office.” If you’re adventurous enough forget the individual acre.  Just go ahead and buy yourself Lunar city. In fact, why limit yourself to just the moon?  They have a Moon shop, Venus shop and Mars shop.  The time to corner the extraterrestrial real estate market is now!

*$22.49 plus $1.51 lunar tax

(photo credit: Shaun Johnston)

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Hormone Therapy and Cancer Risk

Is there a link between HRT and cancer?  A Danish study showed that the risk for ovarian cancer was increased by 38 percent, according to a Reuters article.

To Find Out More Visit:

Happy 10th Birthday, Spongebob!

50 Ways To Celebrate Spongebob’s Birthday

  1. Tonight (7/14/09) at 9pm watch the VH-1 Documentary, “Square Roots: The Story of Spongebob Squarepants.
  2. Watch the Spongebob marathons running on Nickelodeon or the Sponge Bash July 17th at 8pm.
  3. Do a Spongebob arts and craft or plan your party.
  4. Have a birthday party for Spongebob and bake a square yellow cake.
  5. Go on the Spongebob soundtrack and dance around in the living room.
  6. Rent the Spongebob movie.
  7. Make your own Spongebob video featuring one of the signature Spongebob songs.
  8. Recreate one of your favorite Spongebob episodes.
  9. Make a list of the top 10 Spongebob shows.
  10. Blow some bubbles.
  11. Learn about Texas.
  12. Study some of the animals from Spongebob.
  13. Make a Krabby patty.
  14. Laugh like Spongebob all day long.
  15. Celebrate opposite day.
  16. Learn to play the clarinet.
  17. Make a picture with rippy bits.
  18. Recreate the pizza delivery scene.
  19. Rock all of your Spongebob gear all day.
  20. Got to the beach.
  21. Count some money.
  22. Build Karen 2.0.
  23. Run around in a cape like the Flying Dutchman.
  24. Make pretty patties.
  25. Go to your grandmom and get some cookies.
  26. Become employee of the month.
  27. Knit a sweater made out of eye lash hairs.
  28. Go jelly fishing.
  29. See how many words you can make out of the phrase “I’m Ready.”
  30. Go surfing at Kahmamoku Cove.
  31. Get your boating license.
  32. Write a essay about what I learned in boating school.
  33. Dress up like Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.
  34. Build a spaceship for the monkeys that Sandy works for.
  35. Have your own prom and dress up like Pearl and Spongebob.
  36. Find a place where you can get a free balloon.
  37. Find a wormy to be a pet.
  38. Learn all that you can about fine dining.
  39. Make yourself a Krusty Krab name tag and then loose it
  40. Create a 5 step plan to become the manager of the Krusty Krab II.
  41. Make square cupcakes.
  42. Draw a picture of what you think a nasty patty looks like.
  43. Dress up like the health inspector and inspect kitchens in your neighborhood.
  44. Sing the Spongebob theme song backwards.
  45. Find someone to do KA-RATE with.
  46. Play in a box.
  47. Do the Spongebob dance.
  48. Lay out in the sun and get sun bleached.
  49. Dress up like the prehistoric times.
  50. Ask the magic conch whether you should subscribe to my blog.  (The answer will always be yes.)

I think, therefore…

Have you ever wished you could just think about something and it immediately happened?  Well, you’re not the only one.  In fact, it’s part of new technology that’s being created, according to Wired.  Want to send a tweet to Twitter?  Just think about it.  How about a Google search?  It, truly, is all in your mind.